God I hope to be this bad ass in my 70s+

screencap meme » jorah mormont + armour porn, requested by drbedeliadumaurier

What do you think is your most bad ass quote so far?

Game of Thrones Meme-Six Relationships (4/6) Arya and Tywin

aka, my favorite change from the books so far.


GoT MEME | Locations [1/6] → Free folk’s camps beyond the wall

« There were cookfires all along the river, amongst wayns and carts and sleds. Many of the wildlings had thrown up tents, of hide and skin and felted wool. Others sheltered behind rocks in crude lean-tos, or slept beneath their wagons. At one fire Jon saw a man hardening the points of long wooden spears and tossing them in a pile. A dozen women sat nearby in a circle, fletching arrows. »

My name is Desmond Miles and this is my story.

Disney Couples from the Walt Disney Animation Studios films. (Sorry, No Pixar. There are 30 gifs here, that’s why I didn’t include them.)


A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones Meme - Two Outfits (2/2)

Sansa Stark in a purple and gold symmetrically patterned gown

               ”It is not me she wants her son to marry, it is my claim. No one will ever marry me for love.”



if it’s called an otp why do i have 28 of them




Baby dragons are essentially winged, fire-breathing cats.

Invaders! Your every step is a transgression. A thousand feelers appraise you as meat, good only to dig or decompose.